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Top 8 Reasons a New Jersey Resort Might Be Right For You

Posted by Melissa Bressette on May 8, 2012 10:18:00 AM

resort communityIs it possible that resort living is right for you? Or have you always thought that a resort lifestyle was something for “other” people? If any of the following reasons resonate with you—resort living might just be what you’re looking for.

Reasons to Choose Resort Living in New Jersey

1. You Want to Get Away Without Leaving it All Behind: Sometimes city or suburban life get’s to be too much. You’d like to get away, but you living in some remote area just isn’t practical. What if you could get away from it all—and still be within an hour of the City?

2. You Want More Out of Life Than the Mall Can Offer: If you ever feel trapped by doing the same things over and over, you just might need to open your horizons to activities (hiking, biking, swimming, fishing) you just can’t do in the city or the suburbs.

3. You Want Community—Not Just Neighbors: You can’t always choose your neighbors. And just because you live in the same block doesn’t mean you share the same interests or values. There are places, however where people come together because they share a sense of what’s important to them.

4. You Think Golf is a REALLY Good Thing: Sure, there are a lot of golf courses in New Jersey. But what if you could actually live in a community that has seven outstanding courses and the #1 golf instructor in the world?

5. You Think There Should be More to Life Than Working on the House: You know how important it is to maintain and protect your investment. But that doesn’t mean you should have to spend all of your spare time on maintenance. Crystal Springs offers maintenance-free living with a great homeowner warranty for your peace of mind.

6. You Want a Home That Fits YOUR Lifestyle: If a cookie-cutter home doesn’t cut if for you, you’ll love the ability to customize your new Crystal Springs home. There are a wide variety of options available to begin with—and you can add the touches you want to make your home uniquely yours.

7. You Like Peace and Quiet—But You Like a Little Culture, Too: One of the great things about resort living is the serenity and solitude. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life at the same time. You can enjoy some of the regions finest wines and dining at any of Crystal Springs’ six great restaurants.

8. You Want a Place You Can Enjoy All Year Around: You don’t have to settle for outdoor activity that only lasts for a few months. When the seasons change, the options at Crystal Springs change with them. No matter what your passions are—skiing, swimming, hiking, biking, horseback riding, golf, tennis—there’s something good going on all year long at Crystal Springs.



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