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Is There a “Perfect Time” to Purchase the New Jersey Resort Home

Posted by Melissa Bressette on Apr 17, 2012 10:33:00 AM

time to purchase a resort homeYou've been dreaming about Purchasing a New Jersey Resort Home... is now the time?

Some people believe that timing is everything. Of course, it’s great when your timing is spot on. Everybody wants to “buy low and sell high.” If you’ve been considering a move to a New Jersey Resort Community, is now the “perfect” time to do that?

In a recent (March 19, 2012) Barron’s article, Jonathan R. Lange wrote: “. . . there are signs that the long nightmare for American homeowners is in its terminal stage, and that, maybe, just maybe, home prices will bottom and begin to turn by the spring of 2013—if not before” (you can read the entire article here).

Does that make now the “perfect” time to make a move? Does the “perfect” time even exist? You could argue that point until the cows come home, but now is a really good time to look at this kind of investment. After all, when you’re considering a home, there’s more to the equation than simply timing.


Location. Location. Location: You’ve heard the old real estate mantra a million times. The thing is, it’s still true. Where you decide to live makes a huge difference. And if you want to live in a place that’s surrounded by beautiful vistas, peaceful serenity, and still within easy access of the metro area, your choices are limited. And those areas are becoming increasingly difficult to find. For now, you can still find that at Crystal Springs.


Quality of Life: Breathtaking vistas are a wonderful thing, but most of us want more from life than a nice view out the front door. Maybe we want to enjoy nature, but we need a little more. Crystal Springs offers a wide variety of amenities that contribute to a great quality of life. With your choice of fine dining, outdoor sports activities, spas and fitness centers, and social events, you’re sure to find whatever you need to enjoy life in the community right outside of your home.


Value: Getting a good deal on a home is really only a deal if what you end up with has real value. The maintenance-free homes at the Village at Crystal Springs are high-end homes with lots of personal touches and attention to craftsmanship and detail. And there are lots of different plans from which to choose. You’re guaranteed to find something that fits your unique lifestyle.


Is now the “perfect time” to purchase the New Jersey home you’ve dreamed about? All we can say is that with interest rates where they are, and with availability still good for now, it’s a really good time. It may not be perfect, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better time!


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